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Practical tools and advice for people management, performance, and career development.

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The product

Key tools and features

Kommon’s tools and advice gives your teams the right foundation to work with each other on their careers, build trust, and help them achieve their best.
Goal setting in Kommon

Help them achieve their goals

Kommon's goal timelines make it easy to work with your team on career and personal development goals, and track progress using milestones and feedback.

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team member feedback tool

Give better feedback

Gather feedback from anyone (even if they don’t use Kommon), tag it to career goals, and store it in one place to keep a clear record for performance reviews.

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better 1:1 meetings

Make your meetings matter

Never miss a 1:1, create shared agendas to make sure you discuss the most important topics, and use action items to keep each other accountable.

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management advice

Know how to do it right

No more having to ‘figure it out’.  Kommon has practical guidance and tips to help you through the challenges you’ll face, as you face them.

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