Career Development

Make sure your teams know how to progress and reach their potential. 

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Let's talk about careers

Many managers struggle to talk about career development with their team members.  It’s essential, but it’s also a personal conversation that takes confidence and trust.

Kommon’s career advice makes it easier to get started. You can also contact our team to talk through any challenges.

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‘'Kommon helps me take more control over my career'’

Make a plan

Even with the best intentions, work gets busy, and making progress towards important career goals can fall by the wayside.  

We make it easy to translate career conversations into development plans with tangible goals and milestones, so team members have a clear view of how they can progress.

Check out our Guide on 'How to talk About Career Goals with Your Team'

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Work together

The fastest route to career success is managers and team members working together, building a trusting relationship, and holding each other accountable as they go.

Kommon gives teams a dedicated space to collaborate on career development, where both sides can check progress, update goals, gather feedback, and showcase achievements as personal milestones are reached.

Remember to check in

How often are your teams reviewing development plans?  At least every quarter, managers and team members should be sitting down, celebrating wins, untangling any issues, and discussing next steps.

Our 1:1 tool means managers and team members never miss that meeting, and can build the agenda and action items to make it a success.

Are You Ready?

Get career development on track

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