Have Better 1:1 Meetings

1:1 meetings build the trusted relationships which are the foundation of a great team.  

Get started in Kommon and make your 1:1s more effective.

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Make 1:1s a habit

The first step to having better 1:1s is making sure they actually happen.  No ‘I’ve actually got a customer call right now’.  No ‘can we just make this 10 mins’.  Actual, dedicated time to each other.

Kommon reminds you about upcoming meetings, how to prepare, and get the most out of them.

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‘‘I really liked the option to add topics or agendas to meetings. And what probably was the most helpful is that it wasn't just up to me, it was also up to the people that I managed to add agenda topics and stuff, and that made it easier to discuss them in sessions."
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Discuss what's important

It can be easy to let 1:1s wander, and before you know it, you haven’t discussed what you needed to. 

Kommon helps all participants build an agenda collaboratively before the meeting starts, so you know you’re going to cover what matters.

Check out our Guide on 'How to Start Using One-On-Ones with Your Team'

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Hold each other accountable

A key part of any 1:1 is what happens afterwards.  Is everyone clear on next steps and what they need to do before the next meeting?

In Kommon, anyone can leave comments and set action items so everyone is clear about what they need to do for next time.

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Know how to get started

Even with Kommon, we know 1:1s can be tricky to do well and hard to get started.  

We provide a wealth of advice for both new managers and more experienced ones on how they can get the most out of them. If you don’t find the advice you need, you can always speak to our team.  Kommon is more than a piece of software.

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