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Start using 360° Feedback to get valuable insights you can act on to make progress on your personal development goals.

Regular Feedback supercharges personal growth, and we make it easier than ever to get started.

360 and peer Feedback tool
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360 feedback

The feedback people receive through a 360 can be the most impactful of their careers.  But with the wrong process, it can become over-complicated and time-consuming.

Kommon makes it simple to get people the 360 feedback they need.

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‘'The feedback in Kommon is great, it really opened up the conversation"
Create a feedback request with Feedback templates

Best practice templates

Many people want to give and receive more feedback, but they hold back because they’re not sure how to do it.

Kommon contains best-practice templates and advice to help people get up and running with confidence they’re doing it right.

Check out our Guide on 'How to Start Using Feedback with Your Team'

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Get feedback about your goals

Support your goals

Feedback’s most effective when it’s used to support specific areas of professional development.

Kommon enables people to request feedback about a specific goal, or tag it to a goal later, so it’s always relevant and can be used to showcase progress.

Alerts to remind you to collect and give feedback

Make feedback a habit

The best teams make feedback an ongoing feature of their work.  But it can be hard to build that habit, especially when you’re busy.

Kommon let’s you know when your people haven’t received any feedback in a while.  We nudge both team members and their managers so they can work together on resolving it and build a better feedback culture.

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