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The essential toolkit for new managers

Busy but want to manage at your best? Kommon makes it easy to find time for your team, and work with them to track and progress their careers, wherever you all are.

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The Product

Kommon helps you solve the key challenges faced by every manager

Know how to Manage at Your Best

Most people still don't get good advice on how to manage. Kommon integrates practical tips with effective tools to use with your team, so you know you're doing a good job.

Make Time for Your Team

We know you're busy. Just because you manage people doesn't mean you're given the time to do it. Kommon keeps track of your team's development so you can be a great manager, and get your work done.

Build Careers and Relationships

Success is built on trust between managers and their team. Kommon's collaborative approach means team members work together with you on their career development.
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Key Features

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Discuss, set and update goals with your team members to keep their professional development on track.


Use collaborative agendas and templates to have meetings with your team members that you both get the most out of.

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Make collecting feedback on goals an easy and regular practice for you and your team so you can really see progress.

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All the information on each team member is collected in one place, so you can both track progress and recall important details.

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Search Kommon's store of practical tips  whenever you feel you need to ask a question or are uncertain about part of the role.

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Kommon keeps track of your progress and will nudge both of you to pay closer attention if you fall behind best practice.

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Why Kommon?

Managers are vital.
They deserve better.

A company succeeds when its managers do. Yet most managers receive little to no support. It’s not good enough. This is why we're building Kommon.

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"Our best managers have teams that perform better, are retained better, are happier. They do everything better."
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