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Managing a team is one of the hardest things employees are asked to do.

Access best-practice guidance and support through Kommon.

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Learn from the best

There’s lots of brilliant advice out there on career development and managing a team, but it can be hard to find amongst all the noise.

We filter out the fluff to bring you the best resources in our manager guide and newsletter, and provide links to helpful guidance as you work in Kommon.

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"We're really happy with how clean and organized it was, and easy to use! I've really been enjoying reading through the resource articles as well. Lots of great info in there and it's super well organized."
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Templates and frameworks

Even if teams have had training, putting advice into practice is easier said than done.

Kommon offers teams a ready-made framework for people management with tools for goals, feedback, and 1:1s, and templates to help get people up and running.

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Ask for help

People are notoriously bad at asking their bosses for help with team management.  It can feel like an admission of failure.  Whilst they pluck up the courage, they’re making mistakes which could have been prevented.

Kommon’s live chat enables your people to ask our team for advice on management or career development at any time.

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