Performance Management

Focus on improving performance, not tying your teams up in pointless paperwork.

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The key question

How are you helping people grow?

Performance management is meant to be about improving performance.  Sounds obvious. You wouldn’t know it from looking at how unpopular most of these processes are.

Rather than reaching for off-the-shelf performance reviews, start by asking the question:

‘How can you best help your people grow?’

We think Kommon has some of the answers.

Set expectations and track progress

Your people will struggle to reach their potential if they don’t know what progress looks like. 

With Kommon, your team can set the goals which fit their aspirations for promotion and career development. Milestones and comments make it simple to track progress, and we offer advice every step of the way.

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‘​​It's already there saved in one place and makes it really easy to see everything that's been going on over the last six months, it's the full picture’

Gather feedback

Even if they have set off on the right path, your people will need to know how their journey’s going.  Making sure they get the right feedback, at the right time, is essential to growth and development.

Kommon makes it easy for both team members and their managers to gather feedback at any time, from anyone (they don’t even have to be on Kommon). You’ll find templates for everything from project feedback to 360 feedback.

Promote those who deserve it

Traditional review processes are plagued by bias.  Keeping track of performance over a year is difficult, which means assessments are often skewed towards recent, visible work by certain team members.

Kommon keeps each person’s information in one place, making it easy to review goals, feedback, meeting notes, and more to assess performance and showcase the achievements of those ready for promotion.

Make improvement a habit

We know things can get busy.  When teams are in the flow of work it can be hard to remember to update goals, collect feedback, and discuss performance.

Kommon’s nudges and notifications have been carefully designed not to be intrusive, but to remind teams to pay more attention to career development and performance if it’s been a while since they checked in.

Are You Ready?

Focus on performance not paperwork

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