Track and achieve your goals

Track all your goals and objectives in one place. Share with your team and get feedback on your progress.

We make it easy to stay organized and meet your and your team's objectives.

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Make a plan together

People can only advance if they know which way they’re meant to be heading. 

Kommon helps managers and team members talk about career and development goals, and put a plan in place for how to achieve success.

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"I liked the fact that you can clearly set an objective and what needs to be achieved in order to successfully complete that objective, it's way more accessible than I think what we currently have... it’s my favorite part of Kommon"

Keep a record of progress

Goals can quickly feel irrelevant if there’s no way to show genuine progress. 
Kommon’s timeline makes it easy for both managers and team members to leave comments and gather feedback on each goal so everyone can build a detailed record of how they’re doing.

Check out our Guide on 'How to Start Setting Goals with Your Team'

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Stay up to date

Work can get busy and career development can take a back seat. Before you know it, teams are in performance reviews with a dusty set of goals that hasn’t been looked at for six months.

Kommon sends nudges in the app and via email to let people know when a goal hasn’t been reviewed in a while so everyone stays up to date.

Assess performance

Many performance review processes are hamstrung by a lack of good information.  

Teams fall back on judgement (biased towards recent work/individual preferences) or searching through old emails and projects (inefficient and time-consuming). 

On Kommon, everyone has a wealth of feedback, comments, and milestones to discuss which makes clear who’s performing at their best.

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