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We build key leadership skills through 1:1 coaching and peer learning.

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Peer learning and 1:1 discussions
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Kommon manager training

First, it works...

‘It was extremely insightful. The main thing I have taken is greater confidence and motivation to be a great manager. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.’
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‘I feel more confident that I can be an effective manager based firstly on trusting myself, but also with some established management principles to rely on. Many of the topics discussed were mirrored in reality and I now feel better armed with the best practices to navigate them’
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'The course structure and content from Kommon has given me confidence for approaching management for the first time. I am going into this new phase with confidence in the skill set I have, rather than having to learn solely from experience'
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... but how does it work?

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We get people talking

We believe the number one factor in becoming a successful manager is having someone to talk to about your experience. 

To celebrate the wins, to share the challenges, and to solve the problems.

All our courses are built on this principle.

We organize regular 1:1 coaching and peer learning groups to give managers the sounding boards they need as they grow.

We focus on what's important

First-time managers are already swamped with too many things to do. So...

We focus on helping managers learn the core skills which we know are going to make a meaningful difference to them and their teams.

We do it in an engaging way which fits within the schedule of a busy manager.

We're transparent about our approach and you can read all about it in our New Manager Playbook.

check out our playbook
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Talk to us to learn more. We love talking about this stuff

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We're more affordable than you think

You may think the word ‘coaching’ means ‘$$$$$$$$’.

It doesn't.

We believe making coaching available to new managers rather than just executives is crucial for their development.   

Our pricing model fits that ethos. 

Talk to us to find out more.

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