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New Manager Playbook

New managers need to get up to speed quickly, but often their bosses and HR teams are too busy to work out how to help them do it.

Our free New Manager Playbook is a practical guide to onboarding new managers in 8 weeks in an engaging, effective way.

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What's in the playbook?

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8 Week Program

The playbook covers a new manager’s first eight weeks, and how to use that time to develop the essential skills for the role.  Based on hundreds of conversations with new managers, it covers the main challenges all new managers face.

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Engaging Approach

Everyone learns differently, but no-one wants to do an online-only course.  Each week, the playbook includes a training topic, actions to put that learning into practice, and points to discuss with a manager or a peer to reflect on learnings.

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Learning on the Job

We know managers are busy, but the best learning is done on the job.  The training, actions, and discussion points integrate with a new manager’s day-to-day work, and enable them to learn whilst remaining effective at their job.

new manager playbook

Choose any add-ons you need

You can download the playbook for free but if you need support training new managers, we have flexible options to give you additional resources to run your new manager program.

training materials
For teams that want to run the playbook but do not have the right training materials in-house.
all materials, unlimited use
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Includes the playbook, plus training materials on:
What it means to be a manager
Discussing career goals
Managing up
1:1 meetings
Team communication
Performance management
Staying organized
Managing yourself
coaching & support
For teams that want us to get their new managers up to speed, including 1:1 coaching, online chat, and manager tools.
per manager trained
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Purple circlelearn more
All training materials, plus:
Weekly coaching check-ins
Ongoing chat support
2 months free subscription to Kommon manager toolkit
cohort development
For companies that want to develop a cohort of 3+ new managers, and benefit from peer learning and a manager community.
per manager trained
Red wave
Red circlelearn more
All coaching and support, plus:
Custom cohort planning
Facilitated peer learning sessions
Creation and cultivation of manager Slack/teams community
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Get your new managers up to speed

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