Best-practice resources for manager training

Readymade, practical resources for developing managers in dynamic companies across 9 key areas.

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training resources

How you can use these resources

Combine with the framework in our Manager Playbook or do it your own way.
These best-practice resources are flexible and adaptable.

Self-Paced Learning

No more need for managers to comb through bad blog posts for answers. These resources contain all the guidance and tips for first-time managers to get up to speed, in a format they can refer to whenever they need help.

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Peer Learning Groups

Managers learn more from each other. Use the resources as the basis for a regular peer learning group where managers can share their ideas and challenges. We can help you facilitate these if you haven’t done them before.

Having a meeting

1:1 Discussion

Every manager has different strengths and challenges. Discussing the topics in these resources with their boss, a mentor, or coach, helps each manager with their specific issues. If you need help setting up these discussions, let us know.

Training resources


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all materials, for the individual manager
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Flexible pricing
Per manager and companywide pricing to suit your needs.
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Concise and Practical
Easily digestible written format, optimised to fit in with a busy manager's flow of work.
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Focussed on First-Time Managers
Targeted at helping new managers in dynamic companies successfully grow into the role.
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Collected Best-Practice
Drawn from hundreds of interviews with first-time managers, People teams, and L&D professionals.
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