New Manager Onboarding

Get new managers up to speed and working best with their teams.

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Help first-timers get it right

One of the hardest things about being a new manager is not knowing what ‘good’ looks like -  not knowing where to start, what habits to change, or what to do.

Kommon gives new managers a ready-made system for management best-practice, including setting goals, gathering feedback, and organizing 1:1s so they can get up and running with confidence.

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"It's very easy to learn how to use, you know, it's not a steep learning curve, which was really great."

Smooth the transition

For first-time managers, it’s hard to appreciate how challenging it can be to balance new responsibilities with existing work.  Many turn to messy systems of spreadsheets and google docs to try and stay on top of it.

Instead, Kommon gives managers a simple way to organise this new part of their professional lives. Our collaborative space has a place for everything, from meeting notes, to goals, to feedback. So that’s one less thing for first-time managers to worry about.

Learn from the best

New managers will face many situations they’re unfamiliar with.  But leaving them to ‘figure it out’ happens far too often.

Kommon contains a wealth of advice and templates for new managers across a range of topics. Our live chat also means anyone can ask for personalised support from our team if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Build trusted relationships

All good managers work to earn the trust of their team members.  It’s the foundation of a productive, happy, and fulfilling relationship.  But it takes time, so making the right start is important.

By inviting a team member onto Kommon, managers send a strong signal that they care about their team’s personal development.  Every goal they discuss, every 1:1 they have,  and each piece of feedback they share renews this commitment.

Are You Ready?

Get your new managers up to speed

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