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We’ve helped thousands of managers build their confidence and their teams.
Their success motivated us to start Kommon, and still drives us today.

Three Things

We believe that three things are true:

1. Good management is the key to happy and successful companies.

2. Becoming a manager for the first time is one of the most challenging transitions in the workplace.

3. Management training can be great, and is affordable for most growing companies.

A lot of others believe 1 and 2, but aren’t so sure about number 3.

We’re absolutely sure about number three.

Built by Managers for Managers

We’ve heard all the usual stories about bad management training, and been on the end of many sessions ourselves.  

The online videos no-one has any time to watch.  The printouts that just get stuffed in a drawer never to be read again. The corporate advice which isn’t relevant to how you run your team.

It’s all this (and worse) that gives management training a bad name.   

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We know because we asked ourselves this question.  Based on all our experience, and conversations with hundreds of other managers…

What would a management training program look like that we’d be happy taking, and buying for our managers?

Kommon’s management course is the answer to that question. We use 1:1 coaching and peer learning groups to help managers build the key skills they need in the unique context of their team. 

We also offer affordable tools to help managers take those new habits and build them into their everyday work.

Talk to us to find out more.  We love to chat about this stuff.

Will & Gareth
Founders of Kommon

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