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'we're not going to be like that'

Many fast-growing businesses start out with the best intentions.

'When we scale, we're not going to be like those other companies we've worked at.'

You know the ones.

The one where first-time managers burned out because they were promoted and left to ‘figure it out’ with no support. The one with the garbage performance processes where you filled out endless forms only to watch the exec's favourites get larger raises. The one where people kept leaving because no-one took an interest in their careers.

You'll say we're not going to be like that.

And yet it still happens. We've seen it first hand.

Growing a company is intense, rewarding, but all-consuming work.  It can be easy to take your eye off the most valuable part of your organisation.  Your people. 

Before you know it, you can find yourself exactly where you didn’t want to be. 

Having to rescue the junior manager who’s out of their depth.  Explaining to staff that your onerous performance review process is fair and necessary when everyone knows it’s neither.  Sitting in an exit interview with your star performer hearing they haven’t had a 1:1 with their manager in 5 months, when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Start asking the question

This happens because organisations stop asking themselves this:

'How best can we help our people grow, get better at their jobs, and progress in their careers?'

Answer this question well and your teams and your business will flourish.  

Key to doing it is making sure your people have the right tools.

That’s where Kommon comes in.

how Kommon can help

Managing a team’s development is challenging.  New managers are unsure where to start.  Even those that do are often too busy to do it well, and are using inefficient google docs and spreadsheets.  Team members want more guidance on how to manage their careers but don’t know how to ask for it.  

Kommon helps teams quickly adopt management best practices (like setting goals, gathering feedback, and having 1:1s) and work together on progressing their careers.  We move companies from onerous, ineffective performance processes to focus on tangible progress and development.

It’s simple, straightforward, and with no minimum pricing, any team can use it.

Get in touch for a chat about what you want to achieve and whether Kommon can help, or take a look at Kommon for free.

Will & Gareth
Kommon Co-Founders

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