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3 Practical Strategies for Leading a Distributed Team
Some expert advice from a senior leader at Netflix
5 Steps to Help Manage Underperformance
A framework to help team members improve if they're underperforming
About this Guide
What you can expect from Kommon's New Manager Guide
Great Resources for First-Time Managers
Our favourite newsletters, blogs, social media and books
How to Get 360 Feedback Right
Everything you need to run an effective, rewarding 360 process
How to Nail Your First One-on-One Meeting as a New Manager
Some tips for the first time you hold one. You've got this.
How to Start Setting Goals with Your Team
Everything you need to start using goals to progress your team's careers
How to Start Using Feedback with Your Team
All the context and advice you'll need to start giving better feedback
How to Start Using One-on-Ones with Your Team
Everything you need to get your 1:1s off to a great start, and build better relationships with your team
How to talk About Career Goals with Your Team
This conversation can feel forced and awkward, it doesn't have to be
If Your Performance Reviews feel Broken, this Could be Why
Decouple discussions about pay from development
The Management Book Club: The Making of Prince of Persia
A unique view of the highs and lows of creative work
What's the Best Thing A Manager has Ever Done for Your Career?
We analyse hundreds of survey responses for the answer
What’s the Best Thing a Manager Has Ever Done For You?
We analyse hundreds of tweets to find the answer
Why Your Management Training May Not be Working (and How to Fix It)
Common issues with management training programs
Writing: A Manager's Superpower
How writing well can make you a better manager, and a guide on how to do it
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