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Kommon's features help you build better management habits, better relationships and a better team.

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Key Features

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Discuss, set and update goals with your team members to keep their professional development on track.

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Use collaborative agendas and templates to have meetings with your team members that you both get the most out of.

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Make collecting feedback on goals an easy and regular practice for you and your team so you can really see progress.

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All the information on each team member is collected in one place, so you can both track progress and recall important details.

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Search Kommon's store of practical tips  whenever you feel you need to ask a question or are uncertain about part of the role.

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Kommon keeps track of your progress and will nudge both of you to pay closer attention if you fall behind best practice.


Kommon helps you...

Team working together

Build better habits

Kommon gives you the tools and guidance to adopt best practice management techniques. We'll help you set goals, gather feedback and have constructive meetings. We'll also nudge you if you need a reminder to pay your team a bit more attention - we know you're busy.

Manager organising information

Get organized

No more tracking people’s careers in the back of notepads, forgotten word documents or Google sheets. Kommon streamlines your approach to people management so you can easily fit it into  your work, and consolidates everything in one place so you can make better decisions.

Virtual relationship building

Build trusted relationships

Kommon brings you and your team members onto the same platform so you can manage their career development together, in a transparent and collaborative way.  With access to the same tools and information, everyone is included in the discussion. 

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