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General stories and advice on people management

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11 Signs You're Doing a Good Job as a Manager
The team behaviours which let you know you're on the right track
3 Lessons from Google Stadia Shutting Down
The takeaways for people managers from Google shuttering a games studio
3 Management Behaviours of Highly Effective Managers
We pick three from First Round's list of 25
7 Lessons from Managers at Shopify, Slack, and Github
We learn from the best at LeadDev Live
Do you Know Your Company as well as you Know Your Team?
How to position your team for success in your firm
Great Resources for First-Time Managers
Our favourite newsletters, blogs, social media and books
How not to Manage Your Team, by Basecamp
A case study in mismanagement from the project management startup
How to Reject Internal Job Candidates
How you do this could define whether they stay at your company.
On Power in Management
A brief reflection on your influence as a manager and awareness of it
Swear More and Drink More to Improve Team Performance
Well, not exactly, but here's some trends in high-performing teams
The Management Book Club: Bird by Bird
It's about writing, but it's also about management
The Management Book Club: The Making of Prince of Persia
A unique view of the highs and lows of creative work
The Number One Thing a Manager can do for Team Development
A survey of over 100 responses to this question
What's the Best Thing A Manager has Ever Done for Your Career?
We analyse hundreds of survey responses for the answer
What’s the Best Thing a Manager Has Ever Done For You?
We analyse hundreds of tweets to find the answer
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