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4 Ways to Run More Effective Meetings
Four tactics to improve engagement and outcomes in your team meetings
Ask your Team the Important Questions
Regularly ask your team about the core questions facing your firm, it'll keep you aligned
Avoid Bullshit at Work (People Notice)
One workplace study delves into how quickly people sense bullshit and the impact on their work
How not to Write Your Out of Office Message (Don't 'Check E-mails Periodically')
Your OOO sends more than one message to your team back at work
How to Give Better Advice
One quick tip to make sure you're giving your team the right guidance
How to Influence Others as a Leader
Four ways to build your influence within your organisation
How to get your Team to Stay Focussed in Virtual Meetings
Understand the reasons behind Zoom fatigue
Managing through Crisis
Reflections on how different companies supported their staff after the attack on the US Capitol
Meetings that Could Have Been an Email
Spot them before they turn into an event on your calendar
No Objections Does not Mean Everyone Agrees With You
Don't take silence as a 'yes'
On Undermining Social Purpose
Case studies from McKinsey and Microsoft on communicating when business and politics clash
One Exercise to Reduce Misunderstanding
A discussion you can run to improve communication and alignment on your team
Patreon Act: A Communication Case Study
A case study with some valuable lessons on how to communicate effectively
Should I write a Manager README?
What they are, and the pros and cons of writing one to help you manage your team
Small Comments can Have Big Impacts
As a manager, people listen to you more closely than you think
The Problem with 'Don't Bring me Problems, Bring me Solutions'
Ironically, it can cause more problems than it solves
When Communication Technology Doesn't Make you a Better Manager
Rubber mood wristbands show us how
Why you Need to Keep Providing your Team with Context
One of the most critical things you can provide to your team
Why your Open Door Policy is Probably a Bad Idea
'My door is always open' isn't that useful
Writing: A Manager's Superpower
How writing well can make you a better manager, and a guide on how to do it
You Should Probably Praise your Team More
Compliments are better received, and easier to give, than you think
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